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What Does Staph Infection Look Like

Mrsa Pictures And Symptoms
Mrsa Pictures And Symptoms

Skin Bacteria Pictures Small
Mrsa Pictures Symptoms
Mrsa Pictures Symptoms

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Mrsa Lesions Pictures
Mrsa Lesions Pictures

Mrsa And Treatment Small

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Symptoms Of Mrsa Infection
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merssa says:


Penny says:

I just found out that I have merca. How did we get it?

Diane Amaral says:

I have had a skin infection since 2013 Jan. It started with 2little blisters, saw it in the pictures you showed. thank you for sowing those pics. For this whole year or will be in January. I have gone through, and seen those pics change with this infection, now I'm , and have not been able to walk across the street to get my mail with out a cane,or walking on my toes. The pain was always there, but now just horrific!!! the pain is on the outside of the bottom of feet, but now coming from inside of my foot, and out. I felt like if shingles causes severe pain that I have talked to people who had it, then I pray to God I never do. I have a low immune system. I have had surgery 3x for cellulitis, very severe pain also. Now i have had enough! I went to a podiatrist today. He took culture, told how to take care of it, and said "this is very serious". I had been treated for athletes foot, & then fungus. for 1 whole year, And I had been seen with second opinions, and especially by a dermatologist who agreed that it was a fungus. Got much worse with yet another fungus cream. I felt like I was doing the right things?? Now I am waiting for the culture to come back while I am on antibiotics (Very Potent), oral antibiotic orally & need to wrap my foot. All the things I was being told I went along with that Demotologist were making this infection much worse. As I wait to here what the culture says,,I'm living in a panic situation, anxiety, and This is not good for me, but what I decided was the best choice. even the ER I had to go to treated it as athletes foot, with no tests done. As I sit here writing this ( long) Comment I really worry, and indeed the pain that this has caused. and I've learned to be assertive with the doctor's. I had no idea that this staff or now Mensa was contagious either, or that it come back again, & again. Thanks for all your info on this very serious infection. DA

Norma says:

Tori, you can get this from grocery cart handles.

althea says:

my doctor say i have mrsa is there a treatment for this virus i dont have any sign of bumps and my skin as yet what can i do at this time

tori says:

how can u catch this ???

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